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Rotarian Registration Information

Registration Form for President-Elect

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Spouse / Partner Registration Information

Leave blank if not registering a Spouse/Partner.

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Meals and Rooms

PETS Training is from 9AM Friday (depending on which electives you choose) to noon on Sunday.
Thurday night and Sunday night at the hotel are optional (light blue rows) and not included in the Default Package (white rows). The Rotarian Package includes Room and Board from Friday lunch thru Sunday Brunch and Training Materials. The Spouse/Partner Package does not include the Training Materials.






Hotel ($179)



Default Packages
Rotarian ($630)
Spouse/Partner ($325)

Lunch ($60)
Dinner ($70)
Hotel ($179)

Lunch ($60)
Dinner ($70)


Items in the white rows are part
of the default packages and can be
selected at once by checking
the boxes above.

Breakfast ($35)
Lunch ($60)
Dinner ($70)
Hotel ($179)

Breakfast ($35)
Lunch ($60)
Dinner ($70)



Breakfast ($45)

Breakfast ($45)


Hotel ($179)


Elective Sessions

Elective sessions are at 9, 10 and 11 am on Friday morning. Attendance is optional.
Registration for elective sessions closes on , except for the Membership session.
Priority #1 - Membership (2-hour session at 10 am.) counts as 2 sessions.
The 2 "Rotaractors" sessions at 9 and 10 am. have a different program, and are for Rotaractors only.
The Young Professional Panel & Rotaractors session at 11 am. is for Rotaractors and Young Professionals (under 40) only.

Select up to 3 elective training sessions for Friday morning.

Priority #1 - Membership (2-hour session at 10 am.)
Attracting Young Professionals
Communication, Social Media & Rotary
Conflict Resolution
Club Culture
Polio Today
Maximizing DACdb
Maximizing ClubRunner
Rotaractors (9 am. session)
Rotaractors (10 am. session)
Young Professional Panel & Rotaractors (11 am. session)

Optional Program for Spouses/Partners (Friday-Saturday)

Spouses/Partners registered for PETS can attend an optional program on Saturday morning instead of attending the regular training with the Presidents-Elect. Check the box below if your spouse/partner is registered and plans to attend this program.

Optional Program for Spouses/Partners only

Check the Following for Hotel Room Assignment

The bed type cannot be guaranted by the hotel, and will be assigned in priority to early registrations.



PETS Videos

Discount Price:
Only $29

the Videos
and save $$$!

Regular price $35

Offer ends
January 10, 2020

Speakers Videos ($29):

The videos will be sent to you on a Flash Drives containing high quality MP4 video files of the 6 keynote speakers, and other bonus videos:

  • RIPE Holger Knaack
  • Craig Needham
  • LaShonda Deviluk
  • Johrita Solari
  • Brenda Cressey
  • Vicki Puliz
  • etc.

Videos for your own club use only.

Confirmation and Payment

I understand that PETS training starts on Friday morning and finishes on Sunday at noon. I understand that the default package only includes 2 hotel nights on Friday and Saturday, and that the Thursday night, and Sunday night at the hotel are extra items not included in the default package price.

Privacy Option
PETS will be using a smart phone app called "Usummit" to give access to event updates, timely information, and to share the contact information of participants. You can agree to share your information (including your email address) to all other participants, or you can opt out and keep your information private.

When submitting this form, you will see a confirmation screen with the calculation of the Conference fee, and you will be able to pay online. Payment may also be sent by mail. Registration will not be complete until you select a payment option.

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