Partner’s Program

Every year many significant others join their partners at PETS. It’s a wonderful way to share the weekend and absorb the significance of Rotary International. As an incoming President, it’s also a great way to prepare your spouse or significant for the extra responsibilities you’ll be taking on, and that they will inevitably share in.

But they don’t have to go through the same grueling training that you’ll be doing. So, we’ve organized some lighter activities for Partners to take advantage of while you are preparing for your Presidency. Below is a summary of fun we have planned your partner.

Friday, February 8th

Beginning at 3:00 P.M.

Past District Governor, Greg O’Brien, will preside over a short Get Acquainted period, followed immediately by the “Iron Chef” cook-off where teams will compete in making guacamole and deviled egg appetizers (we provide all the ingredients). Instructions by Carolyn O’Brien.


Saturday, February 9th

The day begins with a Rotary 101 session, where no question about Rotary or the upcoming year is too crazy to ask. We will follow this up with the entertaining “How to Live with a Club President—and Be Glad You Do” group discussion with a panel of those that have seen it all.


After enjoying the luncheon with your partner, it’s time for them to take a trip. Because of Rotary’s focus on Peace and Conflict Resolution, we’ll be taking in the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Hint: there is a significant Rotary connection. They will be back at the hotel by approximately 4:30 P.M. and join you once again for Dinner.


If you are planning on bringing a partner to PETS, we sincerely recommend that they join the PETS Partner Program.