Committee Chairs

PDG Miles Petroff
Generl Chair, District 5300
Scott Carr
Chair Elect, District 5340
Imed. Past-Chair, District 5280
PDG Joe Ramos
Secretary / Support Services Backup, D5330
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PDG Elsa Gillham
Treasurer, D5280
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PDG Sandi Schwartz
Registrar, D5240
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PDG Larry Skaggs
Sergeant at Arms D5300
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PP Walt Stephens
I. T. Chair, D5240
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PP Michael Soden
Web Site/Social Media, D5300
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PDG Mel Gellegos
Partners Program, D5340
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PDG Greg O'Brien
General Sessions Chair, D5280
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PDG Joe Hentges
General Sessions/VIPS, D5500
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PDG Nick Frankle
Support Services, D5240
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PDG Ian Hicks
Logistics, D5320
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PDG Marilyn Sanderson
Education, D5340
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PDG Bob Duistemars
Minute by Minute, D5330
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PDG Wade Normura
Curriculum Oversight, D5240
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PDG Luciano deSylva
Rotaract Chair, D5300
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PDG Manzoor Massey
Rotaract Committee, D5330
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PDG Lucy Walter
People of Action Chair, D5320
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PDG Cozette Vergari
Young Professionals Chair, D5280
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PDG Randy Pote
Evaluations/Stage, D5300
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DGEs-Customers-Non Voting
Members of the Corporation

5240 Deb Linden
5280 Bette Hall
5300 Greg Jones
5320 Gianna Richards
5330 Barry Valdez
5340 Steven Weitzen
5500 Diane Goodyear

Nominated Directors

5240 Nick Frankle
5280 Greg O’Brien
5300 Sylvia Whitlock
5320 Ian Hicks
5330 Bob Duistermars
5340 Marilyn Sanderson
5500 Joe Hentges

Governor-Directors (IPDGs)

5240 Sandra K Swartz
5280 Joe Vasquez
5300 John Chase
5320 Lucy Walther
5330 Ricardo Loretta
5340 Mel Gallegos
5500 Kirk Reed

Class of 2021-22 (DGNs)

5240 Dana Moldovan
5280 Guity Javid
5300 Betsy Barry
5320 Cisca Stellhorn
5330 Dan Goodrich
5340 Dan Gensler
5500 (Henrietta) Hank Huisking

Class of 2022-23 (DGDs)

5240 Scott Phillips
5280 TBA
5300 Roger Gutierrez
5320 TBS
5330 Don Casper
5340 Chuck Pretto
5500 TBA

Class of 2019-20 (Sitting DG’s)

5240 Savi Bhim
5280 Melody St. John
5300 Luanne Arredondo
5320 Marc Aarons
5330 Melanie Rice
5340 Marta Knight
5500 Ellie Patterson